Smart Adapt Extension

Smart Adapt

With Smart Adapt After Effects Extension create thousand of

screen adaptations in a few steps.

Smart adapt extension

Top Features

  • Create Groups and subgroups
  • Add as many screens as you want
  • Resize your screen based on width or height
  • Check the box for group and subgroup (to include or exclude them from the adaptations)
  • Prefix and suffix support
  • Export/import your list
  • Create as many lists as you want
  • Set the alignment for every screen
  • Auto duplicate screens (Automatically duplicate the closets resolution)
  • Manual duplicate screens (Ability to assign a specific composition to be used as a master)
Motion Pack Extension

Motion Pack

Free After Effects and Premiere Pro Extension

Thousand of elements ready in one click


All in One Place

All the elements you need to finish up your projects in one place ready under one click


After Effects & Premiere Pro

Motion Pack is the First adobe extension that offer same elements for both after effects and premiere pro at the same time


Constant Updates

Motion Pack provides you with steady upgrades even more all packs update are free of charge


Easy to Use

Our powerful extension are quite easy to use, jump between packs and categories one click and go


Easy to install

Super easy easy to install, no extra tools required with the ability to install & uninstall packs directly from After Effects

Tutorial and support

Tutorial & Support

Video tutorial explain step by step how to use Motion Pack plus our friendly support ready to help you when you need it

Featured Packs

Featuring over 1000+ ultra high quality, ready-made Animated Titles, Transitions, Emoji, Animated Shapes, Neon, Callouts, Transition, Glitch Presets and many more. this pack will have your next project, teaser, jumping out of the screen

Note: The motion pack extension available for free with the demo pack below



All new updates are free of charge for those who have already purchase one.

VERSION 8: 3/2020:
  • New Free Premiere pro and After Effects Extension
  • New Items (banner promotion, social swipe button, vertical flat transitions)
  • Support Premiere Pro and After Effects CC2018, CC2019, CC2020 and higer
  • Note: For CC2019 you need PP V13.1 or higher and AE V16.1 or Higher
VERSION 7: (preview at the end of description):
  • New 90 Responsive Background and Titles / Watch at 7:25
  • Full Responsive design, auto resize on any screen resolution
  • work on Both after effects and premiere pro CC2018 and higher
  • Full Elements preview available at the end of description
    • Extension 1
VERSION 6: (preview at the end of description):
  • New 42 Lower Thirds with the following main feature / Watch at 6:03
  • Full Responsive design, auto resize on any screen resolution
  • Responsive time with In/Out effects, with full color control
  • Support both CC2018 CC2019 and higher for both after effects & Premiere pro
  • 150+ Cinematic Transitions for after effects
VERSION 4 - July 2019:
  • New 75+ Transitions in 4 categories, Blur, Pixelate, Offset and Flares
  • Transition preview available inside premier pro directly
  • New catalog and help video tutorial HTML Design
  • Video tutorial can be watch from youtube directly
  • New video tutorial explain the new update and how to use the Motivation Titles
  • New 50 Motivation Titles Pack (support CC2019 Only) - Watch at 2:47
  • New 50+ Transitions

$36 Special price

Colour and Movement is Everything

Create compelling, attention-grabbing multimedia with this amazing value fully customizable graphical elements pack!

This the best pack that covers everything you need in your next project, no fake an unnecessary duplicated elements

Featuring over 960+ ultra high quality, ready-made Animated Titles, Transitions, Emoji, Animated Shapes, Neon, Callouts, Transition, Glitch Presets and many more. this pack will have your next project, teaser, jumping out of the screen!

Incredible UHD 4K Unlimited Montage Graphic pack

All elements are created in Ultra High Definition 4K (UHD) resolution so you can easily resize and keep the absolute BEST resolution for your needs.

Organised, Labelled controller in MOGRT & Adobe After Effects

Created with Adobe After Effects, this Titles and Elements pack utilises a handy built in essential graphic which allows you to change all necessary parameters with a single click.

Video Tutorial Library

With a voiceover video tutorial, installation and customising elements couldn’t be easier. Follow along at your own pace, pause, rewind and play back until you get it just right. Change colors, text or adjust effects. Videos are kept small and short to cover different elements individually. Chose what you need help with, sit back and work through it step by step with our voice-over tutorials.

Feature List

  • 1000+ Elements
  • All In 4K ultra HD
  • 90 Responsive Background and Titles Pack
  • 175 Titles Pack
      50 Motivation Titles Pack
      25 Minimal Titles
      20 Corporate Titles
      31 Comic Titles
      22 Social Titles
      14 Infographic Titles
      12 Badges and Titles
  • 20 Lower thirds
  • 42 Simple Lower thirds Pack (V6 Update)
  • 17 Callouts
  • 26 Emoji
  • 25 Neon Text and shapes
  • 15 Swipe up button
  • 11 Animated Banner Promotion
  • 155 Cinematic Transitions For Premiere Pro Only
  • 152 Cinematic Transitions For After effects Only
  • 15 Flat Transitions For AE and PP
  • 17 Vertical Flat Transitions For AE and PP
  • 214 Animated Shapes
      56 Flash FX
      25 Electric FX
      43 Explosion Fx
      15 Liquid FX
      30 Animated Paths
      20 Animated Circles
      25 Ornaments
  • 14 Pro Glitch Presets
  • 21 Colors Presets
  • One Light Leak Generator

Special Feature:

  • Can be use on Premiere Pro Only (no need to have AE installed)
  • Can be use on After Effects Only (no need to have PP installed)
  • 100% support for PP CC2019 or higher.
  • Ability to change Fonts for all text and titles in PP CC2019 or higher.
  • Each MOGRT and AE File Available in 2 Version For CC2018 & CC2019 or higher.
  • 100% made on after effects no illustrator file.
  • All MOGRT available as after effects file
  • Ability to change, colors with full control
  • the responsive design pack is suitable for any screen resolution.
  • Responsive design work on both after effects and Premiere pro.
  • Responsive time so you can simply set the duration of each title.
  • No plugin required.
  • Cinematic transition made only for premiere pro.
  • Cinematic transition made only for After Effects.
  • Cinematic transition can be in any resolution
  • Glitch & Color presets made only for premiere pro.
  • Well organizsed template
  • HTML Animated GIF Catalog
  • Ability to see transition preview inside premiere pro
  • Helpful documentation HTML + Video tutorial with voice over
  • Resolution available: 4K UHD 3840x2160, resizable
  • AE Version: Adobe After effects CC 2018 or Higher
  • PP Version: Adobe Premiere pro CC 2018 or Higher